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I had the worst nightmare ever last night. I cant really remember the details but i dreamt about a few friends and i were in a house or something. After that, my friend getting killed by a friend by a gun/knife and theres blood everywhere. I was just screaming in the dream and theres also a kid or something. I woke up from the dream and i had a really bad feeling. the one thing im sure was that i was biting my lips the whole time while im dreaming.  

Rushing out pages of report while having gastric pain is no fun at all! T.T


i started giving tuition to a 7 yrs old and 11 yrs old siblings. Oh my, the brother is super freaking rude and irritating. DEVIL!! I am so pissed at him. Well, im thinking of quitting. But the money is good.. hmmmm….


没有梦想 真的 很可怜 吗?

没有梦想 一点 都不可怜。

有梦想 但 不去实现 才是 可怜。

The princess man

Just finished watching The Princess Man. Its really really good, Park Shihoo and Moon Chaewon are amazing here. Their emotions are so real that i cried every time they cried.  The soundtrack is loved~~

travel young ↘

travel young.

My friend just send me a link:

This article started to make me think. Maybe i should seriously go travel around the world once i graduate. 

Never mind my job, never mind how much money i would spent, and never mind the debt i would possibly have after uni. 

I want to have the courage to put all this down and go out to see the world, meeting amazing people, visiting amazing places. 


你没有发现 我 总是说 她们 不适合 你。 

- via unknown 

我为什么 不会 爱你。

你现在知道 我为什么 不会 爱你 了吗?

因为 拥有 , 就是 失去 的 开始。 

- via  《我可能不会爱你》

sticky sticky

I’ve been trying to make my own milk candy. But i guess i failed. :( :(.

They are so sticky that i cant get them out of my molds. tsk tsk. 

I should think of a way to make it non-stick?? using a non-stick molds?? LOL.

ahhhh….my candyyy. 


Re-watching old Hunter X Hunter after about 9 years. God, that anime is really old! But it is still as interesting as ever! 

The re-make version sucks, like totally.

:( :(

just finished my maths paper.

I think im gonna flunk it and i didnt manage to finish it on time.

Its so frustrating to the point that i almost puke during the paper.

urgghh. biostatistic sucks.  


Everyone is so active while im asleep. 

Happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy. I believe in happiness.

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just watched sucker punch recently. although i think the movie kinda sucks , but the soundtrack is awesome..